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Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Week #16: More Planting Fun!

On Monday we attend a birthday party. It was so much fun! The kids, with help from the parents, put together bird houses from Lowe's.
Everyone in attendance.
When we got home we hung it outside. At the party the kids jumped on the trampoline, ate cake played lots!
The kid's plants did fantastic. The 'greenhouses' sat on Travis' dresser by the window to get nice and humid. So the next step is to plant them in the ground.
Green: Green Beans, Pink: Pumpkins, Blue: Watermelon
Technically we can't have a garden, so we bought a kid swimming pool and filled it with dirt. Travis poked some hole in the bottom. (Well, that was after a good rain storm and we discovered the pool as one big mud puddle.)

So we love our kids, but they look a little special ed here. Trouble with his helmet on, Dynomite with dirt all over her face and Backpack with his eyes closed!
We decided to put a fence around the pool to keep the rabbits and other critters from chewing on our plants. It is actually a pet fence that we had attached chicken wire to. It was for our chinchillas. The fence works great for this!
Trouble's favorite pastime is swinging. Travis put steel studded T fence posts in the ground then slid the hollow legs of the swing set onto them. Now when the kids are swinging the set thumps a little, but it isn't going to tip over. Also last week someone bought the fencing materials we had laying around out yard. We decided not to put up a fence after all.
For our Friday date night we went to the Beavercreek Children's Theater to see "The Patchwork Girl of Oz....loosely based on the 7th book of the L. Frank Baum's beloved series." One of my YW were in the play and one of the ladies from the ward made the costumes.


buffalo chicken wing said...

The swimming pool idea is a brilliant idea for renters!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had thought of that before I put a lot of money into buying big pots.

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