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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mormon Helping Hands

On Saturday, April 24th Travis was able to participate with Mormon Helping Hands. "Mormon Helping Hands is a priesthood-directed Church program for providing community service and disaster relief to those in need." This was a day that volunteers all across the US were preforming service in the communities in which they lived.
Travis was the group leader for Cottonwood Park. (In the picture is Bro. Climber)A group shot of the volunteers working at this park. There were several other LDS groups throughout different parks in Huber Heights. Huber Heights is the city our stake center is in. Originally when the brother that headed up this colossal project approached the Huber Heights city leaders for a day of service they thought we (our stake) could clean up one park. After the meeting the leaders when home and searched the Internet for this so called Mormon Helping Hands and realized that we (the LDS people) were capable of a much larger project. Therefore, when they met again with the brother the city had gave him a much bigger assignment!BEFORE picture of the dirt pile by the port-a-potty:
BEFORE in the parking lot:
AFTER it was cleaned up:
BEFORE picture of the field with cement parking blocks scattered throughout:

AFTER the blocks had been moved:
BEFORE picture of the leaves in the water drainage ditch:
Another BEFORE shot:
AFTER the debris and leaves had been cleared:
BEFORE picture of the sand volleyball court:
AFTER the grass and weeds had been cleared. They even made sure it was the correct dimensions.
Brother Thompson and Brother Stahl looking over the work they'd done. In the center is the pile of debris that was cleared away from the park.
Everyone came home exhausted, but happy to do service. Travis was proud of the work that was accomplished. He does well in a team leadership position. Travis also enjoys a day of hard labor.
He snapped a few pictures of the purple flowers growing in the field.


Kelly said...

the volleyball court is the most impressive!

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