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Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 Week #18: Its Finally May!

Of course Sunday was a completely insane day. It was the first time I taught in YW and there just seemed to be so much going on. I also had to go to Ward council before church and have a meeting with the Laurels after church. There is always the craziness with getting ready for camp. Luckily the Ward Camp Director and her assistant have done ALL the work, so I just have to make sure everyone goes to her for information and not me :-) In this calling I feel like for every step I take forward, I'm taking two steps back. I can't go 10 feet in church without being stopped by someone. I can't complain too much because there are other callings much, much more demanding than mine. I'm also lucky to have some great counselors and a secretary to depend on. I do enjoy being the president. The girls are simply amazing!

Anyway, Monday we went to dance as usual with Cynthia and her little lady. That night was their official dance recital. A post about that will come later.

Tuesday I had a MOPS steering team meeting. This is another group of ladies that I feel blessed to work with. I'm the hospitality leader. I'm in charge of the decorations, set-up, clean-up, games, birthdays and making sure people feel welcomed. Its an easy job! Its nice that everyone does their part so we're not all stressed.

On Wednesday Cynthia had the kiddos so I could attend Trouble's "Snack with Mom" for an early Mother's Day celebration. The kids made butterflies with their foot prints with a poem:

A Butterfly in the Wind

A Child is a butterfly in the wind:
some fly higher than others:
But each one flies the best that it can.
Why compare one against the other?
Each on is different.
Each one is special.
Each one is beautiful.

They also potted some plants. While we ate snack one of the other student's Dad came and sang us a song called, "That's my Mom". Dale Oakley is a country singer that actually has a few songs on the radio.

Dale Oakley:
We had a good time. Its always nice to have a little one-on-one with my guy :-)
This picture was after Dynomite's dance recital. (out of order!) We stopped by K-mart to pick up a new gliding rocking chair for me for Mother's day. This one is (fake) leather that glides and reclines. It also sits up higher than the previous one (easier to get out of). Speaking of the previous one.... Travis and I were conversing about getting a new glider because the old one was missing some pieces and had been used with all three kiddos so it was getting beat up. But we're cheap people, so weren't REALLY going to replace it. One night as Travis was rocking the boys, the chair simple fell apart. The next day was a K-mart ad for a glider that was just like what I wanted. Go figure!
Um, the noses will be explained later. But I just wanted to post a picture with Travis wearing a clown nose :-) He's still cute...
That night was a wicked storm. Travis couldn't resist taking pictures of the sky.

This week I hit 5 months pregnant. I'm just getting bigger, but no uncomfortable.
On Friday I got to volunteer in Trouble's class again. Travis called me because he couldn't find his keys. After I lectured him on if-you'd-keep-better-track-of-your-stuff I looked in my purse and found them. I sped home to deliver the wayward keys all the while thinking of how this could possibly be his fault. It worked out great because I had forgot it was show and tell at school, so I was able to grab something for Trouble to share. He shared his red brick from Nauvoo. He also shared the ultra sound pictures.
On Saturday the kids sang at a retirement home for a primary activity. Travis was going run an errand while I took the kids then meet up with us to go to a book swap. However, when I pulled up to the retirement home I get a phone call, "Do you have my keys?". Yes, yes I do...sigh. So I dropped the kids off, rushed home, told Travis to get into the van and drove back just in time for the primary to finish. We then drove out to Kettering for a book swap. Earlier in the week I dropped of 92 books. Theses were books we didn't want from our purging a few weeks ago. You're allowed to leave with as many books as you dropped off. We left with 57. We thought that was pretty good, considering that we're trying to downsize!
Later that night we chaperoned at a bi-ward dance for the youth. It was a lot fun! As we watched we were grateful that we were safely out of that period of our lives. We picked out who we would've been. Travis found a frizzy haired, glasses wearing, bushy eye browed, out of style, dorky girl that would've been me. I found him an acne ridden, blond, lanky, akward, out of style guy that would've been him. We're so nice to each other! We laughed secretly knowing we weren't too far from the truth :-) (and no, they weren't kids from our ward!)
To end the week are some picture of Dynomite yet again in the bathroom. This time playing with bubble. I'm starting to notice a trend with her...are you?

Love the face, Trouble!!


Jen and Allen said...

So when are you due exactly? I cant wait to hear about the clown nose.

Jen and Allen said...

So when are you due exactly? I cant wait to hear about the clown nose.

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