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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mother's Day

It was a good Mother's Day. We went to church as usual. The ward gave out carnations. Backpack came home with his hand print and another carnation from nursery. Trouble had a card from Pre-school that he finger painted. Inside he printed his name.
Also at pre-school they had the kids answer questions about their Mom and draw a picture. The teachers then posted the answers covered up. Every few days they revealed another clue. We had to guess what picture and mystery clues when with each Mom.
Here are the questions and answers:
Q: What does mommy like to watch?
A: She watches Mommy and Daddy movies.
Q: What does she like to eat?
A: She likes chicken pot pie.
Q:What does she do for work?
A: She works on the computer a lot.
Q: What does she do for fun?
A: For fun she stays up late with Daddy.
Q: What does she drive?
A: She drives a van she likes.

Travis did some Home Teaching that night and I got to talk with my family. My big gift was the chair, but Travis did buy me the Uglies book series and some chocolate. Perfect relaxing material :-)
All in all, a great Mother's Day.


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