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Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 Week #15

Its been just a few days since we got the ants they have tunneled nicely through the gel and sand. The gel is a better way to observe the ants. The dirt tunnels aren't as visible. As the ants tunnel they pile up the gel from below on top, which they then make tunnels through. The gel habitat stays lit up. I don't believe that Freddy the beta fish, their neighbor, is too happy about that.
Anyway, on Sunday our talks when well. Ironically this was the same topic we were given last year about this time. It was on the Atonement. Last year I felt like my talk didn't go well, so I guess this was a way for us atone for that :-) Travis always does fantastic, so I guess I was the one that needed the do over.
Monday I had my ultrasound. I'm actually 19 weeks. You have to go with a full bladder, and boy was it full! After the tech took the necessary measurements she said I must be in pain because she could see how full it was. I had a doctors appointment the next day and he was pleased to report that everything came back healthy and well.
So to celebrate we went out to Bob Evans on Tuesday. We had coupons for free kid meals and if we got so many stamps we get a free Dayton Dragons (baseball team) blankets. The manager was super nice and allowed us two meals free (even though it was one per family per visit).
Thursday was silly because Travis planned to go out with the missionaries on the one night I had a YW stake leadership meeting. We had to get a sitter!
Friday I got to volunteer in Trouble's pre-school. My friend had the brilliant idea of swapping kids on Fridays so we could volunteer at the school. I helped the kids paint, sculpt with playdoh, do a craft, read stories, play outside, sing songs, and I even got snack. As I sat around Trouble's snack table the kids started telling knock-knock jokes. They told me they learned them from Trouble :-) It was so much fun! The teachers are so nice and extremely patient.
Saturday was busy. Our MOPS group had an antiquity fundraiser ($10 for the sitting fee and a free 10x16). So I helped for only hour then had the kid's picture taken (it will be posted later). Backpack screamed! He would not cooperate. Trouble and Dynomite did awesome. The kids dressed up in old fashioned costumes and props. The pictures are taken with a sepia lens. Trouble had some great ones with a baseball bat and bb gun. Dynomite looked adorable playing with a tea set and parasol. Backpack finally settle down for a toy truck and blocks. Unfortunately the packages are really expensive. For one pose (1 8x10, 2 5x7, 4 4x6) it was $125. So I took my one free 10x16 of all the kids together and left.
Later that night we had Bro. Stahl over for dinner and his son because he wife, mother-in-law and the younger girls were gone. Since we didn't have our Friday night swap, we also had the Thompson kids over to watch Dumbo. They needed their Thompson fix :-)
The kids love dinosaur games. So this week we played Jurassic Park. They didn't really get it, but Travis is great at improv to keep them entertained.

For Family Home Evening we played a fishing game. On the back of each fish was a song. Whatever fish they caught was the song we (attempted) to sing. They enjoyed the fishing more than the singing.

19 week preggo picture
Last Saturday a friend dropped off a bike for Dynomite. So I took off Trouble's training wheels and put them on Dynomite's new bike. Dynomite was upset because they weren't pink. But once she started riding around she didn't care.
Since Trouble no longer had training wheels, he had to learn how to ride! His goal was to learn how to ride before the Trike-a-thon at his school at the end of the month.

I barely helped him along. He caught on fast. So fast that I called Travis down from his studying to come see. Truth be told, we wanted him to come play this was just a good excuse! Travis wanted to be the one to teach Trouble to ride anyway.

The nice thing about how small his bike is, is that when he starts to lose balance he just puts his feet down. So he never actually falls, which makes his learning less scary. But he is probably ready for a bigger bike.
During all the bike riding, Backpack was just looking cute. His face is in a scowl like his big sister usually does.
Trouble and his animal catching abilities.
That's the week! Busy, but fun!


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