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Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 Week #14 - Outside Time

This is after Easter. Perhaps it was all the candy or Dynomite's natural way of silliness but this will be one picture to show the boyfriends :-) Trouble had this week of school off for his Spring Break. So we took full advantage of being outside and enjoying the Spring weather. The best part of warm weather is eating outside. Less hassle for everyone involved!
We have been preparing Backpack for a our new arrival. We often talk about how there is going to be a new baby and that we need to be nice to the new baby. He is very possessive of my lap. I've tried to hold Dynomite's baby to show him what it will be like. Usually he screams, pulls the baby away from me and throws it. So when I snuck up on him feeding this doll I was became hopeful for the future.

Last Summer we snagged a park bench from our neighbors curbside garbage. The wood was rotting and the wasps thought it was great pulp for making their nests. This year Travis decided to get that fake wood stuff and make a new bench since the metal pieces were still usable. He enlisted the help of Bro. Stahl. The first day Travis cut all the pieces and spray painted the metal parts. On day two him and Bro. Stahl put it together. The true test was of them actually sitting on it :-)

After Thanksgiving I spread around some hay in the flower beds to protect the soil and prevent weeds from popping up. I had way, way too much hay but the kids had fun playing in it before I raked it up.
Our other neighbors that moved out gave us these red bricks. We'd never found a good spot for them, but finally decided to put them around our little tree. It made a good spot to put in a few more flowers. It was a good little project for my 18 week preggo self.
The kids decided that since Dad can play with hammers, they can too!

Trouble very proud of himself for catching a toad.
Dynomite got her nails done! She loves getting her nails and toes painted. Even if her favorite thing to do is play in the mud.
Since I refuse to do Trouble's nails, he get to play with the paint bottles and act happy about that :-)
At Travis' favorite thrift store we found the kids skates. They're the kind you wear with shoes. They were SOO excited to get them that they just had to "skate" around the house before bedtime. Now ask how many times they've used them since ;-)
For FHE we talked about plants. In the quest to find more bricks to go around the tree we found these Sesame Street plant kids. Trouble has Grover Watermelon, Dynomite has Abby Cadabby Pumpkin and Backpack has Oscar Green Beans.
All you do is stick the dirt disk in the little pots...
Add water...

And push the seeds into the hydrated dirt.

Then put the pots into their little greenhouses and set the whole thing inside in the sun.
We were also blessed (ha) to get in the mail the Harvester Ants Travis ordered online.
Travis found this 'space aged' ant farm at his favorite thrift store. It glows at night. He started a few holes for them, then the dug away.
We also have the plain ol' dirt one too. They had trouble getting the ants in and one bit Backpack's finger. Boy did he scream!! I was leaving to take the kids to birthday party of some friends we have in the Fairborn ward. He screamed so much that Travis decided to stay home and lay him down for a nap. Later, one bit Travis and he understood why Backpack was so traumatized!
After the birthday party I rushed home to freshen up and drop off the kids so I could go to a baby shower. The lady is a neighbor of the woman I visit teach. She's been to a few of our Girls Nights out. We've talked since then and sort of hit it off. So it was an honor to be invited to her shower. It was also nice to have few kid free hours!!
That night we prepared to give talks at church.


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