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Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 Week #21: Boonshoft...again

Monday was Memorial day. We had some friends over and it was lots of fun. That will be my next post. Tuesday we combined with Xenia ward for a mutual night activity. The kids went to a local park and played water games. Unfortunately I ended up on the business side of things so I wasn't around to watch much. On Thursday, Cynthia and I took one of our YW out to lunch. It was good to talk to her. She got Backpack a free ice cream! On Friday for our date night we watched Alice in Wonderland. We really enjoyed it and thought Tim Burton did a fantastic job. Of course it was a little on the freakish side! Saturday the kids and I hung out at the Thompsons. The kids had a great time playing in the water. Then than night we had the adult session of Stake Conference. Travis and Bro. Thompson had to go early for the priesthood session, then Cynthia and I met up with them between sessions for dinner at a great Mexican restaurant. It is so nice being 15 mins from the stake center as compared to the 2 hours in North Dakota.
The rest of the week was spent getting ready to go to California. (How was that for a boring summation of our life!)

And yes, we did hit the Boonshoft. We must really like this place :-)
They have traveling exhibits. This one was one how things are made.
Trouble is making a spring from a long garbage tie. Backpack on the first stage of putting different textures on a penny.
Dynomite helped me make a wax spoon.
Trouble and Backpack are finishing up the penny.

Dynomite is demonstrating what a vacuum feels like.
This station was showing how an assembly line worked. First you gather all the pieces, then you put them together, in this case, a train car.
Dynomite gathering what she needs.
There was a skeleton of a car. Backpack is finding all the pieces and putting them in the car like a jigsaw puzzle.
Still working on that car!
It was fun. There was also a die cutting machine, where the kids cut out pieces to make a box and a 3D horse. We love having season passes because we can go and spend just a few hours in one place instead of rushing around and spending the whole day trying to see everything.
Did I mention that when I'm gone Travis tends to keep himself occupied with random things?? This time I came home from mutual with a popcorn experiment. Travis popped a huge bowl of popcorn then proceeded to test different types of butter. He even included water so I could cleanse my pallet between bites. He wanted to see if I could tell the difference between different butters.
The different types of butter:
3) Powdered Butter made following the directions
4)Powdered Butter made following his instincts
5) Krogers brand popcorn butter flavoring
6) Jiffy Brand popcorn butter flavoring
I think on the bread I couldn't tell the difference between the way HE made powdered butter and real butter, but I knew which one was margarine. On the popcorn I like the Kroger brand (it's sweeter), but couldn't tell any of the others apart. Except margarine, because the popcorn was soggy. So in the end I have no idea what he was getting at! Really he is trying to find the perfect popcorn topping, so I guess he's still looking for it :-)


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