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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Summer Visit Home Part 2 - Yaya Comes to Ohio

I'm finally doing some catch up on past events. I'm going to be blogging about our trip home this summer. Maybe because I love Summer and wish it was summer now.... To get a glimpse of our trip click here.
Yaya came to visit so of course we had to do all of our favorite things with her. During the summer we had playgroup at a park with the ladies from the church. Every Monday there were a variety of kids attending.

Yaya doing the Spider swing move with Dynomite:

Trouble and his friends like to collect firewood for "camping".

This is usually at Backpack's nap time. But to keep the majority of the family sane, we go anyway.

We also celebrated Travis' 32nd birthday....early. We haven't actually been home for it for quite awhile. Usually August is a good time to go home and visit family. So this night we fed the missionaries and surprised Travis by having the Thompson's stop by for cake and ice cream. Its some kind of chocolate cherry cake. I made it. I tasted a lot better than it looked.

Another thing that Cynthia and I did all summer was catch free kid movies at Regal Cinemas. On this day a church that meets at the theater (strangely appealing...I wonder what they watch??) threw a big kid party, complete with games, food, treats, and bouncy things.

I guess food was very important, because that is the majority of the pictures :-)

I love how blond she is in this picture with her cute tan face! Hot dogs

Cotton Candy (see how we're stuffing our face at the same time!)

The party was held in the parking lot:

Shaved ice:

The Thompsons:

Before we left for California the boys needed haircuts. It seems like every time either of my parents visit I have to pull out the clippers. I'm actually really terrible at it, but Travis doesn't care because it saves, I figure, $150 - $25o a year. I shave him every 6-8 weeks and the little boys about 4 times a year. Travis has always hated getting his haircut. Apparently it is in the genes! Here you can barely see his wave of a cowlick in the front of his head. Just a cute picture of Trouble:

Travis's favorite pastime with the kids in the summer. Backpack really loves it, even though he looks a little freaked out here...

A cute picture of Backpack:

The next day we flew out to California! I love CA, its a great place to just visit!!


Wendy said...

i like the summer pictures. mostly because my kids are in a few, but fun pics.

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