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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tree Lighting at The Greene

On Saturday the 21st of November we went to The Greene to watch the annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting. We left an hour early and was in traffic most of the time. We finally parked on the side of one of the main streets. The Greene is an outdoor mall. It reminds me a lot of downtown Portland with the fountain, sophisticated shopping, and busy feeling.

We parked and arrived just as the parade started. We got to the lawn where the tree was standing. I camped out with Backpack while Travis had Dynomite on his shoulders and hoisting Trouble up to see the parade.

After the parade passed we admired the unlit tree.

The looks of...why are we here??

How tall is this thing?

After the tree was lit music began playing and there were fireworks!

Then fake snow blasted throughout the area. Despite being fake there was a magical feeling to the whole presentation that filled you with the Spirit of Christmas.We played awhile in the bogus snow.We then wandered over to some elf fire-eaters and fire jugglers.

Of course we had to check out Santa's Reindeer.There was a live nativity scene. Its nice to know that amidst the Santa filled excitement that the real meaning of Christmas was still alive.

Originally we hadn't really made up our mind if we wanted to go or not. However, the kids ate dinner fast, we left the house clean, the weather was not too bad, we found a decent parking spot, had a great time, and felt like we could start getting into the holidays. Therefore, we were thrilled to have taken the time to venture out. Have we mentioned that we love Ohio??

Side story: Travis just pulled into traffic after everyone was buckled up and Dynomite announces that she has to go pee. While Travis waited in I ran her to the nearest bathroom, which took time finding and had us cutting in front of some confused Santa-lap-seekers. Plus we both used the bathroom, and we're girls so automatically there are a few extra steps involved. By the time we got back Travis had only moved up two blocks. That's how many people were there!


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