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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Summer Visit Home Part 3 - At Yaya's House

We didn't spent a whole lot of time at Yaya's house, in Alameda. It was snippets here and there between our outings. The kids had fun walking/biking around the neighborhood (which is filled with beautiful Victorian style homes), eating outside, playing in the dirt, going to the farmers market, playing ping pong and Wii and hanging out. The family that lives in the front house loaned us some great toys that the kids thoroughly enjoyed. They also enjoyed the amount of company Yaya had around....the kids love people (they get that from me)! Although we did spend a crazy amount of time doing laundry.

Raccoon visitors:
The family from the front house, minus their son, well...plus their daughter. She might us well live there, we saw her a lot :-)
Here is Cassie and Kenny doing sparklers.
The kids in the bike trailer on their way to the beach. Trouble is already dirty:
There is this dirt area between the houses. The boys thought that was a great place to play! Backpack looks a little wild here. I saw these neat insects digging around. I've never seen an insect dig, so I thought that was fascinating. Fascinating until I was told they were wasps. Sorry guys, I put an end to their dirt mound venture.

My kids love to be dirty...that they get from Travis!

This is my idea of vacation, just watching. It didn't last long.... That is Yaya's new car. Do you see her rims!?! I called her Gangster Granny.

Yaya has some fun Build-a-Bears. She has collected some to represent different members of the family. Dynomite had fun dressing and playing with them.

Breakfast on the outside patio. You wouldn't believe how close her neighbors really are.

That is all the pictures we had from around her place. Its a cute little house with her main bedroom, living room, kitchen, full upstairs and shoe room. Yes, my mom has a shoe room. How awesome is that!!


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