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Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Week #2: A better week!

I decided since this is a family journal, it would be good to do a weekly journal of all the things we've done...no matter how boring!
WARNING!!! This is more for prosperity's sake than for entertainment purposes :-)

Monday way Dynomite first day of her third dance session. She loves dance and cries any day that she doesn't go. Her teacher is fabulous and it makes me sad that the time she has available to teach is limited. Once again her bestest friend joins her at class. That is also what makes Dynomite happy. I also have Flower this week. She's a good girl, so I don't mind. The kids like having her around. That night for FHE we talked about the how God created the world for us because he loves us. We also talked about inspiration and inventions. Then we read The Bernstein Bears all about paper airplanes. So we made paper airplanes attached to balloons and flew them around the house. Also this morning I had to deal with the incompetence of Post Office workers...but that is a tyrant for another post, which I will mostly likely never write!

Tuesday was great fun! That morning we went to MOPS. I'm the hospitality leader, and LOVE it. Honestly, it wasn't a position that I thought I'd like but I really ended up enjoying. I also love the group of women that I'm blessed to work with. It was spa day. I brought my chocolate fountain, the steering team brought dunking food and punch. There were also massage therapists and a manicurist. I did the massage, it was great. Later that night we had swim lessons. We, gratefully, picked up a child's wet suit from a friend. Dynomite was warmer, but still shivered. After the pool, I soap the kids down in the shower and put on their jammies. So after dinner they can go straight to bed. Its a great system.

Wednesday my greatest neighbor ever, it's Cynthia of course, and I swap babysitting. She had my two littlest this week. I ran errands, got an oil change in the van, and got food for the gecko. Word to the wise... an hour at Wal-mart without kids and no options to leave can add up to a large bill at check out! Yikes!!

Thursday was really low key. I knew that if I didn't get out of the house, my 5 year old would over test my sanity and you might find me in the back of a cop car. SO, I did the only logical thing and called up my greatest neighbor ever and told her that she absolutely had to go to the mall with me or blood would be on her hands! Ha Ha, I was much more forceful sounding than that :-) So we hung at the kids play place for a while until my nerves healed. That night we had swim lessons. However, Travis took them because he got it to count for his PT time! Lucky fellow.

Friday was great! That night we ventured to the Columbus Temple with the Eilertson duo. Some youth in the ward watched all our kids for 5 hours while we traveled one hour North, did a session and returned 1 hour home. The temple was very relaxing and rejuvenating. Hopefully we'll get into the habit of going more often.

Saturdays have become less desirable these days. I look forward to having Travis home and he is happy to be home BUT he has tons of homework to do. So while I look forward to having help with the kiddos and he looks forward to helping, we are both saddened by his work. Alas, this too will soon pass! (okay, really it isn't bad at all, I see Travis more now than I did the last four years at Minot..so I can't complain) But that isn't to say that if we leave him alone to work he is more than ready to play with us at night. So this morning a friend called and asked us to go to the Boonshoft with her. Thank goodness! The kids had a great time, Travis got lots of work done, and I had good company. We love the Boonshoft, and Ohio...in case I didn't already tell you :-) After that we hung around the house and had dinner. Unfortunately I came down with a stomach ache....I thought kids only had those! I felt terrible. We decided to go to the Goodwill Outlet (where they send the stuff that no one buys at Goodwill...so you can only imagine the stuff and the people there). You buy books by the pound. We came home with some good books. Travis bathed the kids while I got ready for Sunday. I laid Dynomite down, while Travis laid down the boys. He wasn't finished yet, so I laid down in bed thinking of all that I still had to do that night. He came in and saw me lying there in pain and tucked me in bed. He knew I needed to go to the grocery store, so he found my list and went. He went shopping, picked up some movies, put the groceries away, and picked up the house before crawling into bed. What a man!!! Although, now that I know he can do this... Just kidding!!

Sunday went well. We're on count down until Backpack can officially enter nursery. 6 more weeks! To that means 2 more times to RS and then I can start to slowly introduce him to class. I can hardly wait!!! The kids were very reverent and respectful, too. That night our dinner plans were cancelled because our guest's son was sick. We'll have to try another day. We also had our home teachers.

Did you get through all that!?! Today was tons of fun, but you'll have to wait until next week for that. (That was suppose to leave you in suspense, so you'll return next week...did it work?)


Cynthia said...

Hee, hee- I'm your greatest neighbor ever, huh? That makes me feel warm and fuzzy! - but I should probably make cookies for you guys more often or something...

The Trobough's said...

It worked!!! I think it's hilarious how all your kids have nicknames. I think "Boo Boo" has stuck for WC...kind of an interesting name :)

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