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Friday, January 1, 2010

Early Christmas with Papa

Since Papa won't be here for Christmas, he wanted to celebrate early. Friday we set-up the tree. It is a fake, pre-lit tree but it is so easy!! That night we wrapped presents and placed them around the tree.

We had told the kids Santa was coming early, but they were still shocked:

And very excited:
Waiting so patiently:

Dynomite tearing right in:

Trouble wondering when it will be his turn, and Dynomite with her first Barbie.
Remote control truck for Trouble:
Backpack opening a ride/push tiger toy:

The kids love WordWorld (they were exposed and hooked because of our many camp planning sessions at Rochell's). In WordWorld everything is made out of letters. The show is educational and cute. Santa brought the kids different characters that come apart. The letters stick together by magnets. So you can form different words by using the characters 'body parts'.

Santa left a note telling the kids that they were so good this year that they got an early special visit. But that they still needed to be good because he was coming back.
So what did Mom and Dad get?? A new TV!! ~Thank you Santa *wink, wink*
Frankly, we don't care about the quality of our TVs because we rarely watch it anyway! Just read this scary post. The TV we were using was small, old, and grainy. We were satisfied and I was the only one in the house drooling over TV in Best Buy advertisements. When Dad arrived at our house his first comment was, "I know what I'm getting you for Christmas." I thought he meant a Wii game!! However, we love the new TV! The clarity and picture are amazing. (I know what you're thinking, "Welcome to the 21st century!") Thanks Dad for splurging on us!!
We had a great trip and can't wait to see Papa again!


Kelly said...

"TV Losers" is one of my favorite blog posts! Congrats on the new one!

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