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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tecko the Gecko Sheds

Everyone gets mentioned, why not Tecko the Gecko.

Papa formed a special bond with Tecko. Perhaps it was because he actually fed it :-) Just kidding! We were very diligent about giving him two little crickets at night. Papa hopped on the Internet one morning and researched why our little guy didn't have a fat tail like other geckos. We were seriously underfeeding the little guy! Now he is on a regimented diet of AT LEAST 2 large crickets and either 1 wax worm or several mill worms a day. Plus water and a small dish of calcium supplement. Now he has a fat little tail. I think he's almost 1, so now we can start giving him 'pinkies' aka one day old mice.

While Papa was here, he shed his skin for the first time! I guess he is suppose to be doing this every month. In other words, I wasn't giving him proper care. He's much better now, I promise :-)

See the skin coming off his head:
He is busy circling and scratching up against the coconut to remove the skin:


Cynthia said...

:-) I'm glad to see Tecko the Gecko represented on your blog. Hee,hee. Good your dad came to his rescue!

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