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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trouble's Birthday

Trouble's Birthday was on November 22nd. That day we skyp'd with Yaya while Trouble opened his present from her.
It was one of those kid digital cameras. He's had a lot fun with it. He takes pictures and movies and plays games. There is even a function to record audio to go with a pictures; like a talking picture frame.

Papa flew in the next day. I made a 'Zoom' cake. (That is McQueen's nickname).

We then had our dear friends, The Thompsons, over for cake and ice cream.

Travis and I made this agreement that we'd only do friend birthdays for all the year's divisible by 4. It sort of works. I love birthday and I love to throw parties. That was a hard agreement for me :-)

It is so amazing how much a child develops in a year. Trouble is a sweet, funny, happy go lucky, and one good lookin' kid. He has a ton of energy that is easily converted into in work and hard play. He's always loved books, drawing, doing crafts, and playing games. He is well coordinated. Knock-knock jokes are his favorite because he loves a good laugh. We are constantly amazed by his memory, which makes it difficult to secretly purge toys. Since he is quick to understand even the most difficult subjects, he doesn't mind a quick purge as long as he is present to have a say in what goes!! He is eager to please. If we ask him his option his usual answer is, "whatever makes you happy". He has inherited a scientific mind; always asking questions, seeking answers, and doing experiments. He was a super easy baby and continues to be a great kid despite the blog name)! We are blessed to have him in our lives.

Happy Birthday, Trouble!!!


The Schooley's said...

Happy Birthday Trouble!!

Cynthia said...

Aw- we're famous! We're mentioned on your blog! Thanks for having us over to celebrate with you!

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