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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Visit Home Part 5 - Six Flags & Thomas the Tank Engine

Yaya has season passes to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We went for the sole purpose of seeing Thomas the Train. However, that is not the only attraction there.

We went to see Captain Lee's Dolphin Sea Experience. We got to "join Captain Lee and our dolphins as they show you, interactively, exactly how we go about encouraging our dolphins to do the amazing things they do."

After that was got to see Shouka the Killer Whale perform. The description of the show: "From the earliest accounts to present day, the killer whale has long been celebrated as one of the planets most beautiful and intelligent creatures. Join Shouka, our killer whale as we show you exactly why."

We caught another show called "Pinnipeds of the Caribbean" described as "Avast me hardies, join our sea lion pirates as they assist Captain Noah Egrets in his search for the key to the treasure. And discover as he does, the treasure may not be what it appears to be after all..." It was cute show with lots of animals that the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

First we actually saw Thomas the Train. The ticket master is asking Trouble for money, but apparently he doesn't have any in his fancy new train wallet. (A whole store full of Thomas stuff and he finds the one thing that isn't Thomas!)
It was HOT, HOT, HOT! So thankful for the water play area! Needless to say I was a bit crabby!! Trouble is covering up this fountain with his hat. This is a game that Travis does when he takes the kids to the splash pad near our house.

We also went to the butterfly house. Here Dynomite is wondering where all the butterflies are:
Look Dynomite, Trouble is right next to one....and he doesn't even know it!

He's going to point one out to her:
Now on to the ride. There were some fun kiddie rides. Yaya was all excited because how often does she get to go around in Elmers' Weather Balloon Service! The swings are always a personal favorite! Trouble found a friend to ride with.

Trouble got to go on BUGS’ Buccaneer mini ship ride.
Poor Backpack...he was too little to ride :-( He did some complaining. Maybe next time!
The kids thought SYLVESTER'S Pounce & Bounce ride was pretty great. That is the one where it shoots you up fast, then drops you. It was a bit tamer for the little ones.
Trouble won a Yogi bear:
Dynomite won a Boo-Boo bear (with a little help):
A happy boy!
We did get to ride Thomas! Here he is coming around the track:
All aboard! Departing from Knapford Station for a round trip around the Island of Sodor on Thomas the Tank Engine!!
This is where Thomas lives:
How could we not go on Harold the Helicopter!?!

We didn't have a ton of time at Six Flags...one day is not enough! We did all the kiddie stuff since we went for them. Trouble was excited to see Thomas, since he went through a Thomas phase (movies, toys, train set, clothes). A great day!


Cynthia said...

You do a great job of blogging- and getting good pic's to blog! Bravo!

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