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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Learn about Jesus with the Read and Share DVD Bible

Learn about Jesus with the Read and Share DVD Bible

Kids of all ages will love this new Read and Share DVD Bible about the life and miracles of Jesus Christ. This is the third DVD in a wonderful new trilogy from Gwen Ellis’ Read and Share Bible. In this 30 minute video children learn about the ministry of Christ as he travels along the Lake of Galilee and around Nazareth. The key stories presented are of Jesus calling his disciples, Jesus healing sick people, the story of the loaves and fishes, the Lord’s Supper and of Jesus teaching others. The animation and vibrant colors keep children entertained while learning.

I highly recommend this DVD because it kept my children’s attention (ages 5,3,1), which means they were learning. I know they were learning because they asked questions throughout the presentation. The stories are told in a way that kids could understand without compromising the doctrine. The DVD is set up so you can also watch just the segments of each story if you wanted to teach one particular part. If you put the DVD in the computer you can print off coloring pages. This is an effective visual aid to help teach about Jesus. This movie is simple and doesn’t cover all of the events in Christ’s life and ministry, but it effectively highlights some of the major stories. This would be a great movie to watch on Sabbath.


Katie, Mickey, Kayin and Kareli said...

Denay, I love your blog. Sorry I don't get on and comment more often, but cuddos for keeping up on so much! You're amazing! You have such a cute family. :)

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