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Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Week #9: Finally March!

Ugh, since I'm behind I don't remember as much as I'd like to. Luckily I keep the family calendar updated and written on so it helps.

Monday Craftiness
See Dynomite's spots from the (now we know) Scarlet Fever:
He's intent on doing this right:
The finished masterpieces:

This week was pretty busy! On Monday we were in our regular routine of dance and school. On Tuesday I was suppose to go to my MOPS steering team meeting and Dynomite was suppose to get her haircut but she looked like she'd broken out into hives. She was hot the night before, but nothing that worried us. So I called the nurse. Since she didn't have any stomach problems and her fever was the night before we thought it was rosacea. She wasn't contagious, but was suggested that she stay away from other kiddos for 24hours. Well, life continues on!

Wednesday I had a Parent-Teacher conference with Trouble's teachers. They were impressed with him (can you blame them *wink, wink*) His writing has improved tremendously. Before he'd write his name all over the page. The teachers started making boxes for him to write his name in. Now he writes nice neat block print, not even backwards! They liked how he did dot-to-dot by saying the numbers out loud. They said he could tell what the picture was before connecting the dots, which most kids can't do yet. He did have trouble recognizing pink (red was pink for him) which is typical for boys. They said he was quiet...only if they knew! But all in all, he was on track for Kindergarten academically, physically, and socially and that's all they worry about. And I left as one beaming mommy!

Thursday was busy. The house was an absolute tornado! This morning a maintenance guy came to clean our out dryer hose and vent because our drying was taking 3 hours to dry one load of laundry. (I had Travis call the guy later to find out if there was a clog and apologise for the craziness, that's how embarrassed I was) Travis replaced the heating element, a belt, and did some tests to make sure the right amount out electricity was getting around. After all that it was still acting up, so we thought maybe there was a clog in the hose out to the vent. That morning, while the guy was at our house, I rushed off to set up for the RS Meeting (Enrichment). Then our sleep number bed arrived. Travis put it together while I was at my event. The Enrichment (RS Meeting) went superb! We called it "Bloom Where You Are Planted". We had three fabulous women in our ward give lessons on 'Look to the Son for Strength', 'Nurture Yourself', and 'Overcoming Obstacles'. Dinner worked out perfect and clean up was a breeze. This night people started noticing my belly sticking out, I was 13 weeks. Technically I wouldn't have to do another thing for my calling until December. I was in the perfect calling for me, activities for the Relief Society.

Saturday, Dynomite went to a My Little Pony birthday party and had a blast. Then Travis and I saw Wicked with a group from church. LOVED IT!! SOO SOO SOO much better than the book!! I thought the play's storyline was better. It left out tons of political stuff that I never understood anyway and all the raunchiness. This is the night Travis took Trouble into the ER for Scarlet Fever.


Cynthia said...

I loved this line re: Trouble-
"He did have trouble recognizing pink..."
Hee, hee! Great update-

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