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Monday, May 17, 2010

KKT: Easy Bread Crumbs

I use bread crumbs here and there in my recipes and used to make my own, but found it was easier to just buy them. Plus the lame process I did consisted of drying them in the oven, thus adding extra time to my dinner prep. Yes, I KNOW its a waste of money when I could just make them UNTIL I found this tip:

Take the heels of the bread or any extra slices that might be a bit stale and place them into a large ziplock bag into the freezer.

When you have a recipe that asks for bread crumbs, grab your bag out of the freezer.
Break the bread into pieces and drop into your food processor or blender. I found that I could crush them with a rolling pin or bottom of a cup in the bag so I wouldn't have to wash the processor or blender.
Process (or smash) and now you have instant bread crumbs.


Wendy said...

i've also used stuffing mix for bread crumbs. and it's already seasoned (or not)!!!

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