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Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Week #8

I will be jumping back on the blogging bandwagon after all! Between the pregnancy and being in the YW presidency, I've been a bit busy and a little tired. So the next few weeks will be filled with some catch up posts.

This is week 8, in February!

See the little baker? The kiddos love to help in the kitchen. I'm not very patient with them helping, but Travis is.... I think a farm apron is very suiting on him :-)
A little about the Gecko. Here is his food. The crickets. The crickets live in a little plastic cage with a piece of cardboard egg crate and orange food cubes , awaiting their doom!!
Tecko, the Gecko!
Gecko are suppose to like 'pinkies' or one day old mice. I bought some frozen ones from the pet store. I'm holding it while wearing a plastic glove. The trick is to move the mouse around until the gecko sees it and eats it. I only goes after moving objects. Finally Travis took it from me and wiggled it around enough for him to eat it (without gloves!).Yum, Yum!

Monday was fun...sort of. I went in for an ultrasound to help predict the baby's risk of having Down's Syndrome. They measure the fluid between the skin and the neck bones. The more fluid there is, the higher the risk. The baby had the right amount of fluid, so there is none or insignificant risk. I had to take Backpack with me because he has an appt right afterwards. He screamed all the way through the ultrasound. The doctor didn't seem to mind, but I thought the nurse was going to have a hernia. Haha, they should be use to having kids around.

Tuesday was my birthday. Which I already blogged about. Thank goodness, my memory is shot! I did get new glasses and was able to pick them up from Lens Crafters. The man helping me was not happy with my decision to get 'granny glasses' so he helped me pick up something with a little more pizazz. The sides have theses little rhinestones in the shape of a flower. I call it my mommy bling. Its the only blingy thing I have :-)

Throughout the week the kids wanted to do crafts. Now crafts I CAN do with the kids. They painted treasure chests and glued on jewels.

Here is Dynomite, intent on her work:

And Trouble perfecting his technique:

The kiddos also made foam people. Foam is a great invention. Just peel and stick!On Friday Trouble wrapped up their preschool Olympics. The teachers made them Olympic shirts, the got medals, and flags. This picture looks a little like Special Olympics, but we still love him :-)

That's better:
The picture from pre-school:
These were just too cute not to post. Backpack has become quite the character lately. I love this stage! He talking, interacting, and is like a little human being. He is not camera shy!

These are from the mall of Backpack and Dynomite sliding.

Saturday we had a Stake RS meeting about Emergency Preparedness. It was well done and reminded me how much we still had to do get ourselves prepared. This meeting sparked a Food Storage/Emergency Prepared group in our ward. Its been wonderful to learn from some very prepared and talented women. And to motivate us to continue on in our efforts.

All in all, it was a great week!!


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