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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 Week #11: TIme with Papa and Aunt Donna

Papa and Aunt Donna arrived Monday night. I bet you can't guess what I was doing up til the very hour they arrived...cleaning! Dynomite did get her hair cut, after the 3rd rescheduling with Wendy because of sicknesses.

Aunt Donna has been to every place Travis and I have ever lived. She visited Corvallis when we graduated, travel to Europe when we were going to school, helped me start a Creative Memories business in CA, withstood a ND winter, and now to take in the glamor of OH.

I was mean to my dad, though. He called Sunday and I told him I had good news. He asked if I was pregnant, I told him no!! The news was that he'll be sleeping in the queen instead of the full bed and Aunt Donna will have Dynomites new bed. Then when they showed up on Monday he didn't know what to think of my full little belly. Aunt Donna rubbed it and asked, "What is this?" Then I spilled the beans! They were excited. It was a fun week full of visiting and hanging out.

I do have to tell say that my family comes from a long line of 'dumpster divers'. If the Spliethof family had a motto it would be: One man's trash is another man's treasure. My aunt went to go shopping when she spied this 37in flat screen TV and a Weber charcoal BBQ in front of our neighbors house. She asked if she could have these items and the lady said yes. One of her kids had knocked the TV over, so there was a line that went across it and they didn't want the BBQ. Travis and Dad called around about a warranty or way to fix the TV with no luck. Finally Dad, in his frustration, slammed the TV down on the ground. Sparks flew and a little smoke came out the back. Behold, the TV works! We rushed to Wally World and bought an antenna and universal remote and hooked it up. Not too shabby for a free TV! We've even used the BBQ.

This is just to gross you out...feeding the gecko a 'pinkie' again. This time he didn't want it. Maybe he didn't like the last one?

In ND Papa bought Trouble this rocking horse. It has since held the attention of each little Tubbs kid since. So here is just a cute Backpack picture with it.

Trouble doing his favorite thing: 'reading' Calvin & Hobbes. I wonder where he gets that from?!?

Before Papa arrived, Travis and the kids caught a toad. They wanted to show Papa so they kept him in a fish tank. Apparently he likes to befriend his food. Maybe it tastes better that way?

Also before Papa arrived we moved our old queen mattress to where the full bed was in Dynomites room. We swapped our full mattress set for this twin mattress set. We came out with a better deal because we got a super nice twin set (pillow top with mattress protector), with bedding and a frame for the full set (no frame) we bought 6 years ago at a goodwill. Her cute new bedding:

Her room. She refers to the bed as 'the place where Papa sleeps'.

Unfortunately it was still too chilly to go fishing (which is what Papa loves to do with the kiddos) so we went to the Boonshoft. It was perfect. Papa and the kids love museums. Aunt Donna and Papa had a great time playing with them!

There is a little area to eat. We had some snacks. We didn't plan to be there as long as we did because we were having so much fun.

Dressing up:
A veterinarian in the making:

Reviewing X-rays:

Aunt Donna at the Judge's Bench. I wonder who is in Trouble??

Haha, Trouble is in trouble with his accomplice Backpack:

Papa and Aunt Donna had a party for me since it was just my birthday a few weeks before. I think this is the ONLY picture I will ever have of my Dad wearing a princess crown. So why not post it for the WHOLE WORLD to see :-) ~~ Love you Dad ~~

We got my favorite food, Chinese. We sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.
And the fun will continue on the next post...


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