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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Week #10 - A Bunch of sickies

On Sunday I was called in to visit the Bishop. That is when he asked me to be the YW president. I was shocked, to say the least. I was pretty sure the ward was running quite fine without any help from me. Remember the last post stating that I loved my current calling?? To add insult to injury this week was spent with the RS counsellor over me calling me to talk about my calling. I said yes to everything, secretly knowing I wasn't going to be in the calling much longer. Probably not nice to the lovely lady who will be taking that position :-)

I took Trouble in for his follow up appointment on Monday. While we were there the nurse tech swabbed Dynomite's throat, but not Backpack's. He said Backpack was too young to have strep. I had Dynomite done just in case, although she was showing no signs of being sick.

Tuesday we had a fun time at MOPS. MOPS really drains me. We spend all morning talking about being a good Mom, but then we get home and I just turn on the TV and slap the kids around a little when they make one little peep. Yep, I see 'Mom of the Year' award heading my way, NOT!! Anyway, that night Cynthia and I went to a baby shower and then to our first Food Storage Meeting. Way informative! I came home with a shopping list of all the great machines we 'need'. Luckily Travis is around to bring me back to earth :-)

Wednesday rolls around and I have the Thompson kiddos. Backpack falls asleep in his booster seat during snack...weird. I carry him to bed and realise that he has a fever! As soon as I lay him down I get a phone call from base telling me Dynomite does in fact has strep. 2 AND A HALF DAYS LATER THEY CALL!!! I was a little upset. I asked the caller if she was a nurse and we diagnosed Backpack's sickness as strep. I called for an appointment immediately for him. Poor little guy was as sick as a dog! We saw an awesome Nurse Practitioner (civilian) after a 45 minute wait. Apparently the base issued an 'exercise' that morning so all the regular doctors were gone. She did a quick swab and did the speedy results method. But she was sure he had strep anyway. After that we went to the pharmacy at the hospital, which had Backpack's but not Dynomite's meds. So we had to go to a different part of base to pick that up. By the time we got home we'd been gone for over 3 hours. (I did apologise profusely to Cynthia and prayed that her kids did not get strep.)

Later that night Travis picked up a free dryer for us off of the Swap Shop (a Yahoo! group for where we live where you can sell, buy, or trade items, seek advice, ask questions, etc...). Guess what? It is the dryer that matches our washer. What luck!

Since I had two sickies and three on antibiotics, Thursday plans went out the window. We watched movies and ate snacks all day. That night, thank goodness, I was able to escape to book club for the night.

Friday I had a doctors appointment to check on the baby. That night was our Friday Night swap. Travis was so swamped in studying that I went shopping. I hit 6 stores in 7 hours. I needed to get ready for Yaya's wedding, my dad visiting, and leaving for Nauvoo. And Saturday was spent doing just that. I try and I try to not procrastinate, but everything always seems to come down to the wire anyway. But the kids were extra good and Travis stayed out of my way so I was able to get a lot done.

So despite the sickness, and the craziness getting ready for company and packing for travel Travis did manage to get an two extra cute pictures of Backpack:


Cynthia said...

Aren't you glad that week is over? :-)

Bonnie-Jean said...

Crazy! Cute pics though. :)

Lys said...

Too young to have strep? Ian was the 1st one with a fever in our house, but as far as I could tell (being gone most of the time) that was the only symptom, and it was over in 48hrs. But then the other two got fevers, one by one. Coren didn't complain about his throat until his fever was pretty much gone. He said it felt "dry" so I told him to get a drink. A day or two later when it was so "dry" it made him cry to swallow I finally took a look. Spots. Ikes! WebMD-> strep? oh great. But even Amber was about done with her fever by then. And that was July4th weekend.

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