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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blessed in OH

We've met so many nice people here! For example: We went out to eat at a place called the "Waffle House". Its like the old time diners. The waitresses even had funny names for the food that she would call back to the cooks. All the regulars were out for their Thursday morning waffles. The kids were very well behaved so a good time was had by all. When Travis went to pay the waitress told us that our meal was paid for by the gentleman who just left!! How cool is that!



really??? How funny. That means you get to eat our twice this week. Hopefully he didn't wait outside and follow you home because you were cute. :)

The Schooley's said...

Nice!! Love that you have a sugar daddy in OH!! ha ha ha

Amber C said...

Waffle house is a more "southern" restaurant. We have one down the main drag from our house. It's definitely an interesting experience. That was sweet that the gentleman paid for your meal. That rarely happens now-a-days. Maybe you should leave a thank you note for him at the restaurant for them to give to him next time he comes in.

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