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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and Our First Visitors

We had a great Easter. We started off by dying eggs during FHE. This was sadly the first time we've done this since Trouble was born. At first Travis thought it would be a good idea to blow out the insides of the egg, then dye them so they'd be good for Easter. But the first thing Dynomite did was break them. So we just decided to do hard boiled eggs. I made them strip, so they didn't get dye on their clothes. They were very proud of their creations.

On Saturday who should show up at our doorstep? Mr. Pat, Ms. Kelly and Raina!! Pat and Kelly spent a fabulous week in Jamaica. They were driving back to ND from NY (where they left Raina with Gramma Donna and flew to and from Jamaica) when they stopped by and saw us for Easter. Come to think of it, we've probably spent the majority of the holidays together in Minot (with our without our husbands!!). So it was so great to have them! Actually they arrived about dinner time when Trouble and I were in the store. While at the store I thought about how Kelly always had or brought us brownies for dessert. So I bought few boxes. Well, after dinner she goes out to her car and comes in a tray full of brownies!! :-) She's always thinking of us! For Easter they brought plastic eggs filled with puzzle pieces. Trouble had camo eggs and Dynomite had pastel eggs. They went and hid them in our yard. So after they found all the eggs we put the puzzles together. Trouble thought that that was so neat that he slept with his puzzle that night. (He sleeps with his favorite toys!)Sunday Morning we had breakfast and the kids found their baskets...Thank you Yaya and Papa for all the great treats, clothes, and toys. We went to church in all our Easter outfits. Don't you love Raina's rosy checks!In order of age:Just the way we like them: We sabotaged Pat and Kelly's efforts to get an early start home by promising them a good Easter Dinner. We had the traditional ham with all the fixing and Kelly made us some candied carrots which I will be adding to the meal repertoire from now on. I made a Easter Egg Nest torte. It was a bit rich, but yummy!
It was a great trip! It was so nice to have Pat and Kelly stop by even though it was a little out of their way. We are grateful to have such great friends!


Mike and Jen said...

Can you come back and make me that torte! mmmmm. I can't believe how big backpack is getting!

Jen and Allen said...

Yum I want to know how you made the nest. It looks SOOOO good.

Grammy Hagey said...

What a beautiful family. LOVE the Easter outfits. Yaya and Papa are the best. Thanks for the cooking tips. I found one that I'd love to pass on. If you want your celery to stay crisper longer, wrap it in aluminum paper. It works better than plastic bags. Hug those beautiful kids. Love you all, Grammy H.

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