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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Youngs Farm

Saturday we went to Youngs Farm. It is a farm with some animals and a whole bunch of fun things to do. Our kids will be warped as to what a real farm is!! Anyway, at this 'farm' there is a mini golf course, go carts, driving range, hotel, restaurant, some old tractors to climb on, and some cows and goats. It was so nice to be outside. The weather was beautiful. We managed to sunburn the kids a little :-( We got to see quite a few F16 (F something anyway) take off, too. We ended our trip there with their homemade ice cream!

Later that day we discovered the elementary school playground behind our house. I guess its good to explore. Beats the dinky one we kept taking the kids too!


PearFamily said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE Young's Ice Cream... the Banana is the best and it is definitely worth waiting in the long line for when the hot humid summer of Ohio hits you! It is good to see all the old places I would go popping up on your blog.


how great...we own a farm and did not even know it...maybe we are secretly rich too. :)

Ty and Melissa said...

Ah, your kiddos are so cute! And little one is getting so big! As for my post you commented about... we LOVE Vandenberg! Ty did about five months of his training there after we were married. We both love the area and we love the beach! We've been to one in Lompoc that's called Surf Beach... it's Base property but not ON the base. Is that the one you mean? :-)

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