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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures of Kiddos!

We had these done at Sears before we left. The kids cooperated amazingly well. We, however, were very tired, therefore there isn't a family portrait. We, including my mom who was in town for visit, pulled an all nighter getting the house ready for the Realtors to come by. She cleaned while we worked. We couldn't have gotten the house ready without her! She worked really hard while we tried to keep our sanity.

The kids like to pull funny faces (don't all!!). So we have cues like "Mean Guy Face" or "Happy Guy Face" or "Sad Guy Face". This is their "Surprise Guy Face".


The Schooley's said...

Those are the BEST!! Love surprised guy face. You guys rock.

Adam/Regina said...

Gorgeous pictures! We just had ours done at Sears too and they weren't nearly as cute. You house looks fabulous! How big is it? Are you still enjoying the town and neighbors? How long to predict you will be there? Figure out some fun stuff to do there and we'll come visit you! ;-)

Kate the Great said...

They are so gorgeous! How did you get them to sit so well? Mine would have been done after about three seconds.

The top ultra sound picture on my blog is one of those new 3-D (4-D) ones where you can see the baby moving in 3D rather than flat on the screen. That picture is sort of a 'top' view of the baby. Toward the top is his head and a hand next to the right side of it. And then you can kind of make out his legs crossed down toward the bottom.

Melissa said...

I love the surprise guy face! They are so cute.

Jen and Allen said...

Cute Cute Cute. I love it when pics you pay for turn out right. P.S. how much did you spend on your vegy chopper?

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