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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kitchen Tips Tuesday

I've decided to try something new: Kitchen Tips Tuesday (Like Nikki's Works For Me Wednesdays). I receive a lot of good advice regarding the kitchen that I'd like to share with you. I do enjoy cooking and baking (it brings me back to my chem lab days in college). So I will be passing on to you what I learn, either from others or by experimentation, on Tuesday. If you have an idea you'd like posted, credit given to you of course, just e-mail me at TubbsTribune@live.com. Stay tuned!!

Today's Kitchen Tip:

#1 I don't mind working with raw meat, but it seems as soon as I start a meal either a child desperately needs something at that exact moment or the phone rings or the husband is running out the door but can't find his keys. In order to quickly be at every one's beckoning call, I wear plastic disposable gloves. I keep a box in the kitchen. So I can just whip off the gloves in a moments notice and toss them. I also use them anytime I find it faster to mix with my hands then a spoon like meatloaf, salads, and some cookie doughs.


Mike and Jen said...

great idea! You probably also want to make sure tehy are the powder free ones!

The Schooley's said...

You have inspired me to go buy some snazzy gloves. I HATE touching raw meat. I always make Chad do it. Never occured to me to buy some gloves. You are brilliant!

Jerusha said...

That's so true about getting into meal prep and being needed. Good tip.

Shelly said...

Gloves! Glorious! I love the kitchen tip idea. Are loving Ohio? Miss ya!

buffalo chicken wing said...

I agree about mixing meat by hand- I can't stand it. So I actually mix mine in my KitchenAid mixer using the "flat beater". It actually works great. I use my mixer for that more than anything else actually.

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