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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Backpack Update!

Our little guy is now 7 months. Yesterday he cut his two upper front teeth (for a total of 4 teeth). They just sat there bleeding and waiting to break through. He hasn't been too fussy either. A real trooper! He is sitting all by himself and clapping. He is all smiles and giggles. Backpack is definitely the best smiler of the bunch, but when he is upset he is the loudest. He never just cries or whimpers, its an all out scream!

Today he actually reached out for something I had and made a 'I want it/gimme' gesture. At church I was talking and he grabbed my face and turned it toward him. He cries if I hold one of the other kids or I walk out of the room. He's been known to kick if Trouble or Dynomite come near while I'm holding him. I love it! I wanted a Mommy's baby. The other two, I think, love Daddy more...this one is mine!!! The only problem is that he never lets me put him down. Oh well!! (I did confuse Trouble because I kept saying, "This is Mommy's baby". So Trouble asked Travis, "Daddy, when are you going to have a baby?")

He's also our best eater. He quickly eats meals with us in his Bumbo on the table without a fight (plus snacks and nursing). He even enjoys eating by clapping or smiling after most bites. Trouble had to be coaxed with a Cheerio on top of every spoonful and Dynomite is still very slow.

This is the age when they start to become really fun. Travis likes to throw the babies up in the air and rough them up a bit just to get the smiles. They also get ticklish.

I will post pictures later!!


The Schooley's said...

I love that age too!! He sounds like an angel. Hope all is well there with you guys.

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