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Monday, March 30, 2009

Minot House

I just wanted to show that Travis did get the bathroom finished before we left. I should have posted this ages ago. So he cut the roof, then raised it (remember he did this the night before Backpack was born) and put in the glass blocks and mini windows (to match the other side, see below). Then he took out the rest of the lath and plaster and put in new fixtures. It gave the bathroom more head room and light.

This is a picture of his very first project at the house. He cut the roof and raised it, then added the glass and windows. This enabled him to add a shower. So now it is a full bathroom, not 3/4.

The very last project he did was the hardwood floor. Friday, one week before we left for Ohio, we decided to replace the carpet. When we pulled it up we discovered a nice hardwood floor. So Travis sanded it down, put down a wood border and varnished it. We wished we would've discovered this earlier!!!

I don't think I ever posted picture of the inside of the garage, so here it is. I know he really wanted to finish mud and taping the sheet rock, but there was simply no time.

Anyway, the house hasn't sold yet. We're patiently waiting. Somewhere out there is a family that will love this house as much as we do.


Kate the Great said...

Isn't it funny that we do all this work to get our houses ready to sell, and by the time we've fixed them up there are so nice; almost nice enough to wish we were staying...

We've done a lot to our place to get it ready to sell, and I'm loving it now... hopefully someone else will too. Maybe even enough to buy it.

Good luck selling yours!

Shelly said...

It looks great. HOw are you. We miss you too
The Castle's

Mike and Jen said...

how stinkin awesome to find hardwoods under carpet! Soo jealous and it loks great!

Kate the Great said...

We have several properties picked out (I have my heart set on one!) but are waiting until the house sells to put in offers. Since we'd hate being stuck with two monthly payments.

From what everyone has told us, once we get the property and start the build, they say to plan for 9 months.... That seems like such a long time, but I just keep thinking that at the end of it, I will have a house big enough that I won't have to move again!

Haddorkus said...

Was that the dining room floor? That would be upsetting to me to find a nice floor under my floor right when I was leaving. I will know exactly how you feel when we finally sell/finish this house. That's one reason we have been trying to get so much done early so that we can enjoy a little of it before we give it to someone else.

I hope it sells soon.

The Schooley's said...

It looks great!! WE knew he would get it done. Yeay!! We will keep our fingers crossed for someone moving buying your house!!

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