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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We're here and all moved in!

We left Minot and travelled 12 hours to my dad's house in Wisconsin. We stayed the weekend and left for Ohio Monday morning. The kids were excellent in the car, even without the DVD player. Travis' car had some problems with the pulley system, but 4 hours on the side of road and a couple of trips to a nearby car parts place and we were good to go. We picked up our keys to our house on Tuesday and the movers came on Wednesday. Now we're just about done unpacking. Travis starts school at the local university next Monday. We have Trouble enrolled in pre-school starting in Fall.

The housing is about 10 mins from base and 5 mins from AFIT and 10-15 mins from Church. Our first Sunday we attended the ward that the building is just down the street only to find out that we live within the boundaries of the ward that is a little further away. In our little section of town we have everything we need (plus more) within a 10 minute drive.

Our house is great. Although we had too much stuff and Travis had to buy a portable storage unit to house a lot of it. The street we're on is swarming with kids. Trouble has already made friends with the little blond girl next door, but they're moving out this week. There are 3 other Mormon families just on our block.

It was 76F our first day here and its been above 50F everyday. That is very excited for us. The kids just play and play outside. Its so nice. Everyone is really friendly and eager to help.

Anyway, we just wanted to let everyone know that we're back up and running. I'll be blogging about our adventures more often now that we're settled. If you would like our contact info, then e-mail us at TubbsTribune@live.com.


Jerusha said...

so did you buy another house or rent. Good luck with all the new changes, we will miss you.

Jen and Allen said...

Yea! Excited for you ... your house looks beautiful.

Mike and Jen said...

I love the new house it looks really cute! I am soooo jealous of your weather as I sit in our newly aquired foot of snow from the blizzard we just had! Miss you guys!

The Schooley's said...

Love the new house. Soooo cute. Isn't the change in weather refreshing?? I am so glad that you are settled & all is well.

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