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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Visit with the Grandmas

In September we had a wonderful visit from the Grandmas (Grammy is Travis' Mom and Yaya is Denay's Mom). Grammy came out on the 9th (our anniversary) and Yaya came out on the 13th. They overlapped on a Sunday, so they could both be here for Backpack's blessing. While they were here we took advantage and went on a few dates, one was to see Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss performed by the local opera company in town. We got to eat out lots (which we don't often to), go shopping, see the local attractions, and have fun.

Grammy with Backpack:

Yaya with Backpack:Mommy with Backpack: Here is the Princess dress Grammy got for Dynomite:
We had a nice visit with Grammy. We went shopping, went to many parks, Planet Pizza, and just had fun. Grammy and Yaya helped us get about 600lbs of food storage into buckets. That really helped us out! We were worried it was going to get ruined if we didn't get it done soon. Unfortunately, we didn't get Grammys pictures off her camera before she left so that is all we have of her visit. But we're so glad she was able to come out and see the kids and help Denay get adjusted. Thanks Grammy!! We love you!!

Yaya's visit was just as eventful. We went to the corn maze by our house.

The sign says: All weights are approximate. Backpack weighed 7lbs. 11 oz.While Dad and Trouble were practicing for the Primary Program on Saturday, Yaya and the rest of us went to the Fall Festival on base. At the Fall Festival everyone makes these straw men. Practically everyone on base has one.
Dynomite had more fun rolling around in the straw:
This is Yaya's favorite trick to do with kids. She use to do this to Denay when she was Dynomite's age. She starts by laying on the ground with her arms extended on the floor, palms up and her feet up in the air. The child places one foot on each palm and grabs on to her feet. She raises her hands up and the child balances by holding on to feet. Once they get their balance, the child lets go of her feet and is held up by Yaya. The kids love it!
At the playground on base. I went to the commissary (grocery store) while Yaya took these two. I have yet to take all three to the grocery store, thank goodness!!Dynomite feeding her baby. She is very good at mimicking. Once she held the baby up to her chest and said "Baby eat".
Dynomite feeding herself. Silly girl!

Finally, Backpack in his blessing outfit. Travis gave him a wonderful blessing. He basically said he'd be instrumental in future and be a good missionary.
We had a great time with Yaya, too! We were sad to have everyone go, mostly because Denay didn't want to have to start cooking dinner again!


Stephanie Herbert said...

Wow, Denay your mom is strong!

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