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Monday, October 13, 2008

Backpack 6 weeks

I lied and said that I'd stay on top of blogging. The house is back in order now and we are working on some kind of routine in our day. But I have to say that 3 kids is taxing. I can see why people stop at three!! We've forgotten how fussy and demanding babies can be. Ali had blogged about her son not liking being a baby, we think that is how Backpack is. He sees the other kiddos playing and his legs start kicking and his arm flail around. He's eager to go!! But Trouble and Dynomite have been very good with him. A pleasant surprise for us.

Backpack's six week pictures:

With Big Sister:
The boys making goofy faces:


The Schooley's said...

Has is really been six weeks already? He really is a cutie! All you kiddos are!

Shelly said...

He looks so cute!!!! I feel like I have not seen you in ages!!!!

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