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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rubbing Alcohol Saver

Did you know that rubbing alcohol removes ink from microfiber couches?

So Trouble today was quitely doing Hidden Pictures from his Highlights magazine when I was feeding Backpack. He had the book on the couch while kneeling on the floor. I told him he could use a pen to circle the pictures...big mistake. However, Trouble wasn't the problem. Monkey see, Monkey do! In this case Monkey was Dynomite and there was no magazine, just the couch. The funny thing was that she confessed to the crime. She actually handed me the pen and said, "write on couch". I thought she was tattling on Trouble because they are both already banned from any writing instruments unless under parental supervision. But it was only till later that I found pen marks on our new couch. *Deep Breath, count to 10 sigh* Deep down in the recess of my mind I would like to think that children DO actually care that their parents might actually WANT to own nice things. So I raced upstairs to seach the internet for other violated couches and found that rubbing alcohol is used for more than cleaning your kid's boo-boos.

I have to say that Dynomite has me trained. When I finished de-inking the couch I left the bottle of rubbing alcohol on the table, but suddenly had visions flash through my mind of her thinking it a bottle of delicious clear juice and prompltly put the bottle on a high shelf out of her way (with everything else hazardous, breakable, or shiny). I'm getting better at this 2-year-old-proofing-the-house thing. Totally different than Trouble. For one, he was the only kid. And two, he never cared to get into stuff.

Anyway, couches and sanity saved. Thank whoever invented microfiber!!


The Schooley's said...

Sweet!! I will file that away for a rainy day! WHo knew?? I am so glad your new couch is saved. I was breathing along with you during your breaths!

The Langes said...

Thanks for the info! As it turns out I have ink on my microfiber couch too..lets see if it gets out old ink stains..

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