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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


1. Where was I 10 years ago? Senior year of high school, with a bad case of senioritis. Putting in college aps and working for a Cadillac dealership.

2. What's on my to do list today? Workout, clean house, library, grocery list, bills, YW stuff, find my father, blog, go outside with kiddos. What did I get done...all the important things: Eat M&Ms and not strangle any kids today.

3. What if I was a billionaire? Own a giant house that never needs work, and comes with a housekeeper and cook!! (I had best to make sure Travis has a workshop.) Okay, seriously I'd pay off debt and make sure if the world crashed in we'd survive for a very long time. I'd also throw in a sports car for myself.

4. Five places I have lived: Modesto, CA; Portland, OR; Corvallis, OR; Nottingham, England; Anges, France; Vandenberg AFB, CA

5. Snacks I like- Slurpees, Doritos, Chocolate, Root beer Floats, Dairy Queen, Dill Pickles...was this suppose to be a healthy list??

6. Three bad habits- 1) Cracking knuckles, 2) Yelling at my kids, 3) Opening my big mouth!!

7. Who am I tagging? I tag Erin H., Regina D., Jen R., Jen H., Jerusha S. (sorry if any of you have been tagged before!!)


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