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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Living with nuns:
Travis and I went to a two month language immersion program in France to learn french in the summer between doing a nine month study abroad program in England and going home. The school we attended set up the accommodations. There were two locations. One is for mixed company and the other location was a nunnery that rents out the rooms of vacationing nuns (apparently religion is put on hold in the summer?!?) and that is used for only girls. It is rare that a married couple attends the program and the first location was filled. So that is how we ended up living with nuns for two months. Travis actually taught one nun the first discussion and gave her a Book of Mormon. We never saw her again after that. The other nuns said she went on holiday. There actually was another married couple there, they were also Mormon :-)

As for being homeless... When we left England we shipped all our belonging to my parents home, which fit in a 4 foot cube. We each had a backpack when we arrived in France for summer school (as explained above). From August 30th to September 12 that year we had no home, no address, no dwelling to call home except for various hostels and hotels in Russia and China and a week spent on the Trans Siberian Railroad. Believe me, this did not go well for Travis' Top Secret Clearance. But it made for a good adventure!


Mike and Jen said...

I can't believe they gave him his top secret clearance with all that adventure they usually prefer that their guys have never even left the states!

Haddorkus said...

They had some fun with Dan on that one, apparently one of the people he gave the discussion to in Italy was a communist and they had to check that out.

Nun's on vacation, sounds like the kind of bad movie that Dan and I would love to mock. Oh, and you guys got a nun banished for listening to the discussions? Where does a nun get banished to? It's not like you can sent her to a convent.

The Langes said...

I managed to find your blog in a rather round about way, but I wanted to say Congrats on the new baby!!


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