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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dynomite's Turn

Another trip to the ER for the Tubbs' family. This is trip #5 for us in 4.5 years of living here.
Monday, I was sorting laundry in our bedroom when I heard a thump and a "sorry sister" and saw Trouble running to put himself in timeout. Trouble had jumped on her while they were playing. Dynomite was lying on the ground holding her wrist. When I picked her up she was shaking and screaming in pain. I thought maybe she had dislocated her elbow, so I tried to pop it back in, but it didn't work. I called Travis, then I called the Nurse Advice Line. It was a ten minute wait for the nurse to call me back. During that time Dynomite fell asleep. I moved her fingers while she was sleeping to see if she woke up. And she did crying, so I knew something was really wrong. The nurse finally called back and she was trying to give directions like get ice, put in sling, give pain killers...but dynomite was screaming by now and I all really comprehended was, "Take her to the ER". Okay, that is all I wanted to know. Kelly came to the rescue by coming over and taking Trouble and Backpack.

All the way to the ER Dynomite kept saying, "Brober did, Brober did". (This morning she told Travis that Brother didn't love her :-( I hope she gets over this!!) So they took X-rays and put her in a splint. She saw a specialist on Tuesday because we can't actually tell if her wrist is broken because of her little bitty bones. So she goes back to the specialist next week to see if anything has changed. But for now she's stuck with a split and every 6 hours of Motrin.

I gave her a little baggie of frozen corn to put on her wrist. When we went to get X-rays the techs thought it was her snack!


The Langes said...

Kayla had a dinosaur sling just like that when she broke her wrist! Poor girl!!

Haddorkus said...

Poor little wrist, ow! And that "brother did," it hurts the heart.

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