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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dynomite's Boomer

This is a dismantled toddler bed. Travis was playing 'boomers' with the kids. Dynomite decided that this was her 'boomer'. Go GI Jane! (You might be wondering if we're fit to be parents!!)

Scene from GI Jane:
Lt. Blondell: Lieutenant, why are you doing this?
Lt. Jordan O'Neil: Do you ask the men the same question?
Lt. Blondell: As a matter of fact: yes, I do ask them.
Lt. Jordan O'Neil: And what do they say?
Lt. Blondell: "Cause I get to blow stuff up."
Lt. Jordan O'Neil: Well, there you go.


Lys said...

Awesome! My kids would be so jealous if they saw that "boomer"! Travis pointed me to your blog when I told him that Robert thinks there's nothing to do around here.


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