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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dynomite's 3rd birthday!

Dynomite turned 3 last Wednesday. So we dressed up and went to a Kids Halloween Party on base at The Club. The kids ate free. There was bat wings, cheeze worms, dead man fingers, Halloween harvest, munch muscles, vampire taters, night crawler cake, and phantom punch. After we ate we put some candles in a piece of cake, sang Happy Birthday (with help of the kids sitting next to us) and she blew out the candles. She was so excited to go to her Halloween birthday party. Trouble got a balloon sword:
Dynomite had fun with a clown:
She got a balloon flower:
We then walked through the Haunted Hall. Its was bit scary for the kids, but as we travel through we said quite loudly, "Don't worry our LITTLE kids, nothing will jump out at you." So needless to say, they had no one jump out at them :-)
The dancing bar tender freaked them out a little:
Afterwards we headed to Toys R Us. Dynomite got a gift certificate for $3 for being apart of their birthday club. So while she choose a toy, I bought her a few gifts and ran them out to the car before she noticed I was gone.
I dashed to wrap them when we got home and then she opened presents.
Here is the Look and Find Fairies book Ms. Kelly sent:
The tea party set Grammy and Grampy sent:
And Yaya sent a whole box of good things: 2 pairs of shoes, two ballerina outfits, ballerina sticker book, and a pink travel coloring case. She sent all the kids metal water bottles, Backpack some pacifiers, and Trouble was so excited about getting an umbrella. He'd been asking for one for awhile.

Backpack's favorite part:
The birthday loot:

The best part, for us anyway, was that she awoke Thursday and announced that she was done with diapers and promised not to pee in her big girl pants (panties). Easiest potty training I've ever done. Accident free since Sunday and Monday she started going without me telling her to. We did a lot of prep working telling her that, "When you turn three no more diapers!" I guess that did the trick!!


Cynthia said...

Wow- lots o' loot! I love the umbrella! Where did she find that? Wesley keeps asking for one...

Abbey said...

Wow, awesome about the potty training! Looks like she had a pretty good birthday.

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