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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Party at the Prairies

Friday before Halloween we went to a harvest party for our housing community at the club house. It was simple, but the kids had fun. We walked down with the Thompsons. They went to a bouncy house (big thing around here right? I mean how many times have I blogged about the kids in some kind of inflatable??) and played at the playground. We then grabbed some pizza, punch and cookies.

Backpack dressed up:The Thompson's daughter:
Behind the club house is a pond for fishing. The kids (Trouble, Dynomite, and Thompson kiddos #1 & #2) went down to the pond to throw rocks in. While they were down by the pond, there was costume party going on. I called Trouble up. When he came he was soaking wet! He said he fell in....where was I?? His friend from church won the contest. He was a bottle of Raid. His sisters were ladybugs. It was very clever.
A side story: When we first moved here we went to church at the building that was the closest to us. However, it was the wrong ward! But we met a really great couple that had us over for dinner. Well, time passed and I never took the chance to have them over. I saw them at this party! It was great to reconnect, but they didn't remember us. Ha Ha, that's what we get for procrastinating a friendship!!
After that we gathered the kiddos, got some treats and glow sticks and stood in line for the hayride. I called home to see if Travis had arrived. He was home and ran down to join us.
Church friends on the hayride with us:

After that we went home, had dinner, and dropped the kids off for our Friday night date.



you get Friday night dates? How do you get so lucky? I am too cheap and no one likes my kids enough to not get paid to watch them. :(

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