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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

By the time Saturday rolled around I was pretty much Halloweened out! Our Halloween started last Friday with the Ward party, then to Saturday with Trunks of Treats, Tuesday Dynomite went to party at her 'girls' house (there are some twins in nursery and she calls them her girls LOL), Wednesday was Dynomite's birthday so we went to a kids party on base, Friday was the housing party, then Saturday we went to a kids party at The Greene.

However, Saturday morning we woke to a mess of house with the costumes scattered all around and laundry needed to be done (because I only did 6 loads 5 days ago!!). So the morning was spent gathering costume pieces, throwing in laundry (except the first load I forgot detergent!!), and dishes. About 2:30 I knew the kids were going to hate me if we didn't do something Halloweenish (and it wouldn't make since if I didn't have something to write about for a "Family Friendly Event" for the examiner). So I talked Travis into taking us down to The Greene.
Trouble in front of the inflatable alien ship maze: Entrance to the other activities. Wouldn't this be cool in front of your house?!? We had a random girl in our picture!!
The kids had a blast on the roller racers. (FYI: safer versions of the wooden scooters we had as kids! If you had long hair, you'd definitely remember.)

Oh yeah, Travis had fun on them too! He said it was a good workout...

Yaya sent Backpack some interesting pacifiers, a monster one and this one:

I wanted a picture of this pirate guy. His sign says, "Ye found the party, me hardies". I think it freaked the kiddos out a little.

Fun with the scarecrow:

While we were waiting around for the balloon lady Dynomite found this party blower thing off the ground and went over to this 'body' and 'shot it'...yuck. She'll stick anything in her mouth. Travis thinks its good for your immunities...whatever!!! Trouble just went over and kicked it.

Then the aliens came. They wanted to abduct the kids, but we couldn't pay the dowry. Maybe next year, now that we know what it is. They do take credit cards, but it would max ours out.

The balloon lady. (Honestly, should we have people sign consent forms to be on the blog?)
Showing off the balloon creations. Trouble had a zebra, Backpack a giraffe, and Dynomite a puppy.
Then we took a hay ride:
By that time the party had ended so we walked back to the van. We can across a dog in a doggie wheelchair! How cool is that!! The puppy is 15 years old. The lady was extremely nice and let the kids pet her dog. She had the wheelchair custom made on the East coast.

We got home in time to have dinner and don on the consumes. I had horror stories about how much candy I'd be passing out since we live in the stand alone houses (in other words, everyone thinks were ranked Majors...but we're not...so they think we'll handout the good stuff...which we didn't). Travis took the kiddos out and I stayed to pass out candy. The first hour was constant with trick-or-treaters, but it dwindled from there. I passed out the candy from the kid's stash from other events (I saved the best pieces) plus 2.5 other bags. I got to save the Twix and M&Ms. But then the kids came home with their loot.

Backpack was on a sugar high. He'd had 3 suckers while they were out and what ever else he snuck away with. We let them pick out 10 pieces and I combined the candy in a paper grocery sack. It weighed 10lbs (without the two unopened bags)! I kid you NOT!!
Our inside decorations: We left the bag on the front porch for the Switch Witch. My sis-in-law has the Switch Witch visit her little ones Halloween night. The witch switches the candy for a toy. The kids were excited for this deal. Except at first Trouble didn't understand. He picked out 10 pieces of candy he DIDN'T want and threw then on the front porch. Then we explained he keeps the 10 pieces and the witches takes the rest. Um, that didn't go over so well. But in the end he did it.
Sunday morning they awoke (Daylight saving had no effect on them) to their prizes outside.
Trouble with his transformer and Monster Truck game:
Dynomite with her monkeys:
Backpack with his new Tonka Chuck and Friends firetruck. I had scored a bunch of these Tonka cars at a garage sale. Backpack loves them. They are perfect for his little hands, and they don't taste as good as Hot Wheels. We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!!


John, Rachel, Gabe, and Porter said...

The Greene looks like a ton of fun - I'll have to remember that for next year! I love the new pacifier, very cute and funny!

Cynthia said...

Wow- what a good blogger you are! I love the switch witch idea- You guys are brilliant!

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