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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Weekend

My Dad came to visit for Memorial weekend. We call him Papa. He flew into our little international (haha) airport. Hey, its bigger than Minot! Thursday night we had a late dinner and stayed up chatting all night. Friday Travis had class, so the kids and I took Papa to our favorite kids park. Its called Orchardly Park. The playground is divided into 5 sections and has real bathrooms. Sections:
1) Older kids and swings - with bark chips
2)Jungle gym and rope structures - foam padding
3) Splash pad - foam padding
4)Toddler playground with baby swings - foam padding
5)Huge sandbox
Papa took Backpack into the water. He loved it! He'd get that goofy wide open smile on his face when the water shot up on his feet. Dynomite enjoyed the sandbox and Trouble traveled all over.
Saturday Travis was needed at the neighbors to help assemble a huge play structure. Guess who else got to help :-) They were over there for most of the day! After that we hit the AF Museum. Papa really loved that! To really enjoy it, you really need more than one day to go through. That really wiped us out, so we went to Olive Garden for dinner. We did some shopping and Papa bought the kids their own fishing poles and kites. Travis and I snuck off to see Star Trek. Us in front of the MMIII. It is significant to Travis and his work.

No Kidding! This looks just like my Grandma Alice! It's what the POW would view as their 'dream girl' and keep them going day to day in the camps.

Backpack holding on for dear life!!

Sunday, we had to talk in church. As usual, mine was very factual and researched (another way to say BORING) and Travis' was inspired and descriptive (another way to say AWESOME). Papa took charge of Backpack and didn't mind hanging out with him in the lobby. Travis got called as the 1st councilor in the Elders Quorum.

Monday, we took the kids fishing. The community we live in has a stocked pond. It is a short walk from our house. Travis caught one right away. The kids each caught a few. I finally caught one in the end. That is because my line got tangled and I left the hook in the water as I worked away at the line. I had the pull the fish in! The kids had a blast! We had the Thompson's over for a BBQ and then drove Papa to the airport. Oops, he forgot his wallet at our house and missed his flight :-) Then we preceded to El Rancho something and has some of the best Mexican food we've eaten in a very long time. We went home and flew kites until bedtime. Papa left early Tuesday Morning. Backpack got the worms ready for us!

It was a great weekend and it was fun to see Papa with the kids. They had fun wrestling around with him and he had a good time reading to them. Thank you Papa!


The Schooley's said...

What an awesome weekend! That park looke awesome. So cool. Don't you just love holiday weekends??

Cynthia said...

What a fun weekend! And we were even mentioned in your blog- I feel famous! We love the AF museum too and enjoy taking visitors there. It's pretty amazing.
So I need to find out where this Orchardly Park is!

Kelly said...

Is that Backback??? He got so big!

Michael said...

hey it's weird uncle mike. i can barely tell thayne is holding a fish cuz it is held against his shirt and it matches the color. So... when taking fish pictures, have your subject hold the fish away from their body. compose the frame so that either the sky or water is in the background surrounding the fish. also the subject should be facing the sun, then have them rotate the fish slowly until its side shines in the sunlight. hold it there, snap the photo. example: http://www.thebreakwall.com/photos/fish/fish0066.html

now go catch some more

Dufish said...

The picture that looks like you grandma is a spitting image of her sister Evelyn. Your mom and I called her Aunt Evy.

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