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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

KTT: Chips and Dip

This one comes from Kelly's Mom, Donna. She said this was a family secret, but gave us permission to post *wink, wink*.

Kelly and Donna like to eat chips and dip while playing games, but hate to waste the last bit of small undippable crumbs. So Donna pours them into a bowl and adds a bit of dip, mixes with a spoon and enjoys! We thought this was very cleaver. Much more cleaver than trying to pour the crumbs into your mouth from the bag (which I do, but they always end up all over me instead!) Thanks for sharing, Donna!


Kelly said...

yummy. But only if it's Bison dip from Buffalo. :-)

Gramma Donna said...

I agree, it has to be Bison French Onion dip.
Well there's another family secret out!!! :-)

Ben, Christy, Tyler and Andelyn said...

I love that you guys are always so creative and you always have something new posted. So when are you all coming down here to see us? You've never seen Tyler and we've never seen Dynomite or Backpack. Heck, you've never even met Ben Denay. You're missing out. Love you guys!

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