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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KTT:Whipping Cream

I know, its Wednesday! I got this tip from a "Grandma's Kitchen" recipe card. I don't usually whip my own cream, but sometime I get a recipe that calls for cream and don't think to just buy Cool Whip :-) I also haven't enjoying doing it because it takes time. So when I found this little trick, I tried it. I works well.

It says, "One of Grandma's tricks to form stiff peaks quickly with whipping cream was to chill the mixing bowl and the beaters before beating the cream. She also made sure that the whipping cream was well chilled."


Nikki said...

Ah yes, that knowledge has been passed down in our family as well. One other thing that really helps is to make sure you only use glass or metal bowls and that the beaters and the bowl are really clean.

Amber C said...

This tip is really good to know! I love home-made whipped cream, but it usually takes forever. Chill items first then whip. I'll remember that! Thanks 'Nay

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