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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KTT: Potatoes

My husband loves potatoes. He truly is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. So to honor their greatness I've listed a few tips about potatoes. Potatoes have Vitamin C, fiber, protein and potassium. An average sized potato has 620 mg of potassium, 100 calories, no fat and no cholesterol.
1. If you over salt a dish while cooking (like soup) just drop in peeling chunks of potato. It will absorb the salt. Yes, it works!

2. My Mom boils the potatoes with the skins on because the skins will slide off easily when done and the potato will retain a lot of its nutritional value.

3. To keep the potatoes from sprouting, put an apple with them.

4. I like to brush my potatoes with olive oil and rub seasoning salt all over them before baking them in the oven. The skins come out crispy and full of flavor.

5. For homemade french fries Travis makes a batter of 1/4 C. flour plus a combination of seasonings like seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder. Then he adds just enough water for a thin batter. He cuts potatoes into fry shapes and adds them to the batter. He deep fries them. They are heavenly!


Nikki said...

Danny loves potatoes too! You just reminded me of a favorite potatoe treat we do. Maybe I'll post it.

Amber C said...

Okay question time? Do you boil the potatoes whole or sliced/chopped to get the peels off? If an apple goes rotten it will speed up or make the potatoes go rotten too?

I'll have to get some potatoes next time I go grocery shopping and try Trav's fries.

Jen and Allen said...

made me think of funny foods here ... the potatoes are huge I mean like very very big all of them it is like they have this hole that is 4 inches wide and if the potatoe can fit it doesnt make it to the store cause it would be too small. The cucumbers on the other hand are about the with of a med size carrot. Some day Im just going to have to take my camera to the commissary and take pics of all the supper small stuff and the supper big stuff. BTW a 10 lbs bag of potatoes cost me $7.85 lets just say we budget more $ for food here than we ever have.

Abbey said...

I'll have to try the fries. Sounds yummy!

Nay said...

We boil the whole potato, just washed off first. When they are done she slides the skins off, not in one piece though. And I'm not sure about the apple with the potatos, I haven't tried that yet.

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