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Monday, August 18, 2008

Swim Lessons

The goal this summer was to get Trouble interested in swimming. When we went to Kyle and Monica's wedding in June we stayed at a hotel with a pool and Trouble had a good time. So we signed him up for lessons on base. Typically they don't let 3 year olds take outdoor lessons because they get cold. I pushed it and they let him in. However, he was freezing!! It could have been 100 degrees out and his teeth would have been chattering. Poor guy. All he really needs is some fat on them bones. And on the third day on lessons I discovered how important the draw string is on little guy swim trunks. Especially little guys with no bum. Anyway, he didn't seem too traumatized by the whole experience so I think we'll have another go this winter in an indoor pool. He had a great teacher who let him hold on to her when he started whining and on the last day of class he got to go down the big slide.

Here is Trouble holding on for warmth...

Here is Trouble kicking around...

Here is Trouble going down the slide. He was able to go down three times with his teacher. When we got home he said that he wished he had a big slide in his house to go down.


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