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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Yesterday was Travis' birthday. He turned 31! What an old man. I made him cupcakes and chocolate no bakes to take to work. When he got home we had dinner. In his family the tradition is that Mom makes the birthday person their favorite meal. I made him orange chicken (like from Panda Express), pork chow mien, and fried rice. Then he came to mutual with me. We had a father-daughter activity. We did a nerd night. So he was a nerd for his birthday. He was the 'Dad' for one of the Young Women whose Dad is deployed. When we got home he opened presents and blew out his candles. The kiddos helped!

The kids made Travis a stepping stone for the garden.

Travis is an awesome Dad and Husband. He is very supportive of everything I do. Like, he changed his work schedule to come to mutual on Wednesday. It's things like that shows me how much he loves me. He always helps me with the things I'm involved in. What usually happens is that I take on more than I can chew and he is there to help me.
What are his other jobs?

Doctor: He's the one to fix our broken kids. Like take out splinter or de-puss an infection and trim nails. When I don't feel well, he takes over and sends me to bed.
Extra Maid: When the dishes have been sitting or a pile of laundry needs to be folded, he'll jump right in.
Teacher: Every moment is a teaching moment for him.
Clown: Always full of surprises!
Putter Extraordinaire: He loves to putter and likes to keep himself busy. Recently he's taken on a new side kick, Trouble!! Trouble likes to fetch tools and help Daddy.
Consultant: Always helping me with my projects. Like approving or giving suggestions for my homemade cards, scrapbook pages, craft projects, and other things.
Project Manager: He is the brains of our little operation around here. He has better logic. He manages all our projects. I can put together a trip or do finances, but he gives the ultimate approval. He gives the suggestions and together we put things into action.
Idea Activist: He wants to try everything, and puts it into action! I love that about him. He says, "I want to build a garage." and he does. He say, "I want to travel around the world" and he does. He has goals and he accomplishes them. I know with him we'll always be taken care of.

I know there is so much more. But he is truly wonderful!! I love him so much! The kids are lucky to have a father that wants to spent time with them and teach them and loves them so much. I couldn't image spending my life with anyone else. Okay, enough mushy stuff! Happy Birthday, Travis!!


The Schooley's said...

Happy Birthday Travis!! Oh, by the way, Sawyer says you are a genius. He says this every Sunday in the car on the way home from Church.

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