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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Relief in Public Places

This is one blog I do not have pictures of....I think you'll understand and appreciate it.

The other day after dinner we went for a family outing to the library. About 15 minutes into our visit Trouble approached me to inform me that he needed a drink of water. He was holding his hand over his mouth, in which he proceeded to throw up into. He threw up all over himself, me, the book he was holding, the DVD I was holding, the carpet, and the Arthur section of the library. Then he continued throwing up all the way to the bathroom. When we actually got to the bathroom, he was done...of course. Thank goodness Travis was in the library. I called him on his cell. He quickly found Dynomite (oh yeah, we have another child running a muck in the library) and found me. He went out to get Trouble the spare set of clothes I happened to have in the van and then he helped clean up in the library, while I cleaned the bathroom. After that Trouble was fine and showed no other signs of sickness. I guess the 'reading bug' really got to him. Ha Ha!

However, I innocently assumed my troubles were over but NO. Today in Barnes and Noble Dynomite pooped out her diaper. I mean EVERYWHERE! Thank goodness not on anything we had to buy! (At least in the library they just decontaminate and put things back on the shelf). She got a nice bath in the bathroom sink and the stroller got a quick wash down. Now I have to clean the stroller, again. Again because I just got done cleaning it for the new baby. Maybe the kiddos are allergic to books?

So all I need now is for my water to break at Wal-mart!!!

I would love to hear all your embarrassing messy public kid stories, it would make me feel better!


Haddorkus said...

We were in Carl's Jr. with little Punx and baby DD when Punx starts throwing up over the table. I went instantly into mom-mode and caught it in my hands. Meanwhile, Dan had just completely jumped out of the way. I looked over at him and was like help and he said, "I'm in uniform!"

A few days later we went to a ROTC Christmas party that was at his Col.'s house. We couldn't find a sitter and we were the only saps that brought their kids. So we stayed for as little as we needed to and tried to make an early exit. As we stood on the front porch saying good-bye to his Col., DD threw up all over Dan.

It was karma at it's best.

The Schooley's said...

Tanner puked in the hallway at church five minutes before it started & Chad & I had to speak.

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