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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Days of Summer

Just doing a little catch up blog. Backpack is growing fine. We went in for a 1 week check up. The doctor was concerned about his Jaundice. He didn't know if was jaundiced because of the bruising. But his bruising cleared so on Friday they did some lab work. I assume he's fine because they never got back to me, but I'll call on Tuesday. Anyway, he's surpassed his birth weight and had grown 1/2 an inch. We did have our first kids and me outing. The first outing is always the scariest for me. I've been sucked in the the Twilight saga. And last week when Travis was working late I finished the first book so the kids and I went to Target to get the second. That took a lot out of me, plus I should be still taking it easy. First, it was getting three ready (cleaned, clothed, diapered, well fed) and Trouble can no longer ride in the double stroller. But he was a good boy and stayed close. Even after the prep work he still wasn't thrilled about walking. Backpack did go with me yesterday to get my haircut, well more like an accidental chop. I told her to cut the dead ends off. Apparently, it was a little more dead than I thought.

I have forgotten about all the baby smells. Johnson baby shampoo and lotion, sour milk, that sickening sweet breast milk yellow baby poop, baby breath, baby skin... I've forgotten about baby sounds. Little sighs, frustrated gushy poops, puppy whimpers, grunts, sucking noises, little baby cries, frustrated cries, feed me cries. And the baby looks. I see a ghost, lost in thought, yawns, ohhh, ahhhs, hungry-bird-feed-me look, pure content, drunk-on-milk. Its all so sweet.

Anyway, I'm lamenting the end of summer. I love summer, everything about it. Some are predicting an early winter here. Oh I hope not. We've been busy this summer and was nice to have Travis home so much and to go camping, vacationing, to the pool, having barbecues. I do miss home and having family around. Especially Mom (Yaya) to whisk me away on shopping trips and lunch excursions. But she'll be here in a few short weeks when I'll be fully recovered and ready for some good outings.

But what truly is home? Our family is scattered throughout 5 different states now. Its nucleus is not longer in OR. I believe home is still OR. I believe that wherever we settle, the family will follow (at least my side). So that is a comforting future.

Enough crazy talk. You came here to see pictures. So here they are:

Backpacks room. Which he won't actually be in for another 3 months. Cute, nonetheless.

Travis' bathroom project.

Well, I figure another week of PJs and we can return to normal life. Don't tell, but I actually feel great (a bit tired, but think mostly due to Travis' recent addiction to animated Batman movies therefore staying up way past our bedtimes) and I'm milking it so I can read and just hold the little one as much as humanly possible.


Abbey said...

Holy cow, I can totally see trouble in that little guy.

Jerusha said...

Me too! Do their baby pics look alike or is it just a current resemblance. Cute room. It is always fun to decorate rooms, I am still in process of a room or 2.

Melissa said...

So cute!

The Schooley's said...

I loved that post. I had forgotten about all the noices & icky things too. Made me smile. I am glad you are doing well, & I love the Twilight series too. Chad is just glad there are no more books to occupy my time!!

Haddorkus said...

I loved those pics. I laughed so hard when I saw the futon, good times. Does Travis remember trying to get ours into our attic room? Did I ever tell you what happened to it when we were trying to get it out when we sold the house. We poked a giant hole in the wall and ending up getting it stuck and then gave up and sawed it in half.

And the baby is very cute.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

My favorite in the Twilight series was the fourth book. Of course Sara talked me into reading them all. Congrats again on your sweet new little boy. I'd love to have you send me an email with a real name!

Adam/Regina said...

Soooo sweet. I love newborns. I could have a dozen - just not a dozen toddlers. It's only been a year since Seth was that little but it seems like forever ago!

Hall Family said...

I must say I saw your hair on Sunday and was a little envious! It looks really good even if thats not the look you were hoping for I love it!

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