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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Fun

I LOVE SUMMER!! Bar-B-Ques, Swimming, Sun, Fireworks, Outside Play, Walks, Camping, Vacations, Sunglasses, Sandles, Picnics, Swimming, Fresh Fruit, and I could go on and on.... Some things we've been up to... (basically I'm taking whatever photos are on our photocard and blogging about it)

1) Grandpa Ray (Travis' Dad) came to visit with his daughter while Denay was at camp. So she is actually Trouble and Dynomites Aunt!! Denay got to see him a few days before they went back to Oregon. He helped Travis lay linoleum in the mud room and put in raised flower beds. Today the kids and Denay will be planting flowers, so we'll take pictures of that.

2) Travis played 'Hero' and rescued some baby blue birds. They fell out of thier nest, but were old enough to fly. So here the kids are holding them. We ended up leaving them on the deck during the day and the Mama bird would come and feed them. Unfortunatley they didn't survive, but we tried.

3) Thayne playing in the new flower beds.

4) Inside Playing (we just put in the A/C): Thayne's Robot (built all by himself) and Kiddos in the chicken

5) Denay getting BIG!!


Shelly & Chris said...

Your belly is so cute!!! The kids look like they are having fun too. have fun planting flowers.

Four Jedi said...

You are so cute pregnant. I know, not what you want to hear but I had to put it out there. Loved all the pictures. Look forward to the planting flowers ones!!

Haddorkus said...

Talk about getting big, that would be the kids, oh man. Trouble is looking like a boy, not a toddler. That T-shirt gave me a double take, my older two have that one, from a trip to D.C. Both the kids looking so big and growing up. I love those summer no-clothes pictures. The best way to spend summer.

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