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Friday, July 11, 2008

Book Tag

Rochelle book tagged me! Yeah, I love to read. Sadly enough, some of my choices are always choicest. He title of this book is: Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys. Yes, I admit I read this book. Travis is currently reading it, hence it is in the vicinity of the laptop.

So on pg.123 the 5th sentence it reads "It is not guys who are responsible for this."

I tag Abbey, Jen, Regina and Sara. As for the rules. #1 Get the closest book #2 Find pg. 123 #3 Find the 5th sentence #4 Post the 5th sentence #5 Tag 5 more people! Have fun all !


Hall Family said...

Based on what I read I think you should burn this book immediately before Travis gets to this page!

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