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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ND State Fair

I love going to the fair. I'm a city kid, so fairs were exciting and once a day, once a year! Travis grew up showing pigs, staying all week and did this multiple times during the year. So for him, it isn't quite as exciting. But deep down inside I just know he loves it!! (Check out pictures below)

This is our last ND State fair. We will miss the fact that it is practically in our backyard, free parking, and small (about a third the size of Oregon State Fair, and 1/8th of the California State Fair). Saturday, we went to the parade that was only a few blocks from our house. We were there for 3 hours and the entries throw out candy and toys. The kids had a blast.

Monday was Military Appreciation Day. We got in for $1 off each. There was a free lunch sponsored by the Beef industry (which Travis loves!!). And free rides from 1-3pm. This is our 5th summer in Minot (3 of which I've been preggo). Unfortunately, we were slow moving because of my inflamed mussel (I'll not tell you where) that makes it hurt to move around too much. But we had a great time!!

This year the animals were fenced off in the petting zoo. Last year Trouble had a cup of food. He tripped over the llama and spilled the food all over his chest. The animals came over started eating off his chest. I thought he would be traumatized for life. But he apparently forgot the whole thing...

Trouble saw the Ferris Wheel up before the fair started and that was all he talked about for days!! Him, Daddy, and Dynomite had a great ride.

Travis climbed in the kiddy ride. The carnie let him stay in long enough for me to take a picture. Then he had to get out!The slide is always fun...

Until they did the Star Wars slide... Dynomite went a little too fast. She got all twisted up and shot out the end. Sorry the video is sideways.

We did hit the sandbox. I'm not joking when I say it was the highlight of the day! (I got to put up my feet and eat Cotton Candy.) We made it through the first half of the racing pig and about 15 minutes of the performing dog. But that is all the shows we got to.

And the end we were exhausted. Let me explained Dynomite's picture. There is this booth were you can get a free 'fetus' baby thing. It is a replica (weight and size) of a 20 week old fetus. Dynomite thought 'it' would make a great sucky toy. She sucked this thing until she fell asleep. She had its head in her mouth. HOW GROSS IS THAT!?! But we couldn't resist the snapshot.

All in all, we had a great time. We'll be looking forward to the fair in which ever state we are in next! Thank you ND for 5 great Fair years!!


The Schooley's said...

I thought the fetus was a sucker. Eeuuuwww!! That is actually pretty funny. Looks like the day was perfect, especially the cotton candy and putting your feet up part. Does it get any better than that?? Did you guys get orders or something??

Haddorkus said...

She is sucking on a fetus, that is really weird. And funny, I would've taken a picture also. Good Mom.

We went to the fair every year, it was so much fun. I loved that small fair. Growing up we went to the L.A. County fair, yeah there is a huge difference in the crowds. I like the small and less scary-ness of the ND Fair any day.

I am with Ali, did you guys get orders or are you just watching the calendar and hoping?

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